5 Reasons Why Korean Dramas Aren't as OA as You Think

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Let someone hating read this.

Korean Dramas have dominated the country for a long time ago. It was only now when a lot become hooked. But still, many can't understand why Kdramas are having a lot of fans. I've been hearing statements from people like..

"It's shitty."
"It's so corny and OA."

But these people haven't even tried watching an episode. The irony.

I'm speaking on behalf of all Kdrama fans who are tired of defending their series and oppas. I used to be a hater and probably said the same statements. I'm a huge fan of Western series until now. (When is the new season of HTGAWM???) I just thought that Kdramas weren't my thing until I met Kim Bok Joo.
It was my sister and best friend who pushed me to just give it a try. And I told myself. "FINE."

Until then, my shitty perspective on Korean Dramas changed. 
Let me explain to you why Korean Dramas are not what you think.

1. TIME not wasted
Unlike other series, Korean dramas aren't fond of having several seasons. Just a good set of 16+ episodes with 1-hour timeframe is enough. 
No more draggy scenes and irrelevant plots presented. So, you won't get tired of seeing the faces of the actors, instead, you'd start missing them when the series ended. A LOT - trust me, the agony of wanting to see your shipped couple is real. (There's no such thing as "Love Team" in Koreans)
This is probably a strategy of media companies to make use of their talents efficiently. Each actor is given the chance to take a break and focus on other projects.

2. Unexpected Plot/Storylines
Finally, I've had enough of seeing TV series with same plots such as "Husband-Wife-Mistress". "Poor Girl fell in love with Rich Man (vice versa)"
In Kdramas, you'll witness a doctor getting dragged into a webtoon or a mermaid falling in love with a human.
"But mermaid stories with humans are common?" - Yes, but unlike other stories, they're able to explain why such character exist. Viewers are given a deeper understanding of every story. 
I was never left hanging with questions all throughout the series. The writers are superb! You'll be left with twists that you never thought would happen.

3.  Amazing Production, Effects, and Color Grading
The first thing I noticed with Kdramas is their beautiful production design.
Photo Courtesy: JTBCdrama Instagram 
Photo Courtesy: Flyhoneystars 
Photo Courtesy: Flyhoneystars 

PS. I'm dying to have Heo Joon Jae's room and Daepyonim's Game Dungeon.

Photo Courtesy: DramaFever
You can see the effort and the money that the production spent for every series.

W Special Edition Episode 2
Dozens of cams were used just to get a specific shot. I hope I'll be able to work with this people!!

Also, their color grading is so so so amazing! It's like every scene is worth posting on Instagram. No need of VSCO filters.
Photo Courtesy: MBC
Photo Courtesy: AllKpop
Photo grabbed from Google

4. Exemplary Acting
The emotions are real.
You won't be able to count how many tissues you'll use to wipe your tears everytime you watch intense dramatic scenes on Korean dramas. 

No exaggerated crying - just good acting that will give you tears of joy and sadness. 

And of course, let's not forget the unforgettable kissing scenes.

Photo/s grabbed from Google


5. Oppas

Ain't got time to argue with that. Just let me show you the abs.

Photo/s grabbed from Google


That's it. I hope I was able to give you an overview on Korean dramas. I'm not saying you should ditch watching your Netflix series. I just hope you'd be kinder to a Kdrama fan and just let them watch what they want to watch.

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