Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Edited By Esther Maris
Just to make things clear.

If you're a makeup fiend who often have the eyebrows on fleek and contour on point, you probably encountered these statements before..

"You look better without make up."

"The natural look suits you better."

"You don't need makeup to be pretty."

"That's fake beauty."

"Can't you just go normal?"

These annoying remarks are examples of MAKEUP SHAMING. 

"Makeup shaming is making someone feel bad or guilty for wearing or enjoying makeup." -

This has become a trend online ever since Youtube and Instagram makeup tutorials became very viral. But, we know that people have been doing this even before social media dominated this generation. I am also guilty of this - I used to pick on the girls I hate for wearing liptint or dark lipsticks. Then, I realized how hypocrite I was since I'm dying to have that shade of lipstick!

The Common Perception

Some people thought that if a woman wears makeup, she's insecure or she does it for boys. NO. Women wear makeup not because they don't love themselves. Women wear makeup because it's fun, a form of self-expression, and an instant confidence booster. And we are already in the 21st century, women don't live to please all men. 

Girls Who Took a Stand

Nikkie - a famous makeup youtuber, posted a video on her channel that explains why she wears makeup and none of it involves being insecure and such. Her purpose of making this video is to enlighten everyone to take a stand against makeup shaming. You can watch the video below.

There's also Shalom Blac..

When she was 9 years old, her body got burned with hot oil - including her face, shoulders, arms and chest. Because of makeup, Shalom was able to conceal her burns and she became more confident. And we find that amazing. Here's her Transformation video.


The truth is, not all women are the same. Some women love to wear makeup and some don't. THAT'S COMPLETELY FINE, 

So please, if you ever see a woman wearing makeup, instead of insulting them, you better LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Also, if you ever see a woman without any makeup, don't even bother making a comment.

Life is better when we let people do what they want to do, and most of all..

Thanks for dropping by! 

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