Why You Need to Wake Up Early

Saturday, February 20, 2016

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You might hate me for this post. Don't worry I feel you. We all have this intimate relationship with our bed - the constant struggle of not getting up and just well, stay sleeping. But ever since I started to pursue my passion as a writer and worked, I kept on reading articles on how to be more creative and productive person in this millennial era. And most of the articles and even books that I read have one thing in common - They all encourage people the habit of waking up early.

I know, I know, it just feels so good to lie on your bed and not face reality of another day. But the most successful people/entrepreneurs in life are considered as - morning persons.

At first, I was skeptical. Like how come I can't wake up late and just enjoy my bed?

Suddenly, life told me that yes Esther you need to freaking get up early. You see, if you wake up late in the morning. your body feels groggy and lazy and it diminishes your chance of being productive. If you wake up early, your mind feels fresh, and you have a lot of time to finish things that you need to do.

It provides more opportunities to finish errands and it prevents procrastination. Before, I have to constantly rush in publishing the articles for my work because I shouldn't be late for school. Now, I can just chill on my PJs while working and once I'm done, I feel less pressured and stressed. I still have time to make sure that my eyebrows are on fleek before I head to school *winks*

Take note that your body and mind is most active at the first 2-4 hours of waking up. So make the most out of it, review notes for school in advance, workout or paint or write or do what you love. You'll get sense of accomplishment which will give you a positive mood for the day. You will also have plenty of time contemplating about life while you enjoy your morning coffee and tea.

However, this can't be done if you don't have enough sleep. It's completely nonsense if you wake up early when in fact you only had 4 hours of sleep. Make sure that you had enough dose of sleep to keep your mind and body healthy.

One reason why I also love waking up early is because I'm excited to work. I love my job because I do what I want. I never felt that I'm a slave and I just feel like playing. If you're a person who hates waking up, probably one of the reason is you're tired to face reality again - you hate school, you hate your job, you're single, etc.
Then, have a more positive perspective about your life - write what you need to do tomorrow before you sleep. It will program your mind to be prepared for the next day. Always look on the bright side - I think this is the best way to become a morning lover. So ace that exam, achieve that most wanted abs or even be promoted!

This is why my friends, I'm telling you that this habit will lead you in becoming a better person. Though not overall but at least, this can serve as a start.

How about you? What are your thoughts? Comment below and have a nice day lovelies! :)

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