5 Ways to Improve Creativity

Sunday, February 28, 2016

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It was mentioned in my previous post that I love reading self-help articles especially if it's all about productivity. In order to be productive, you must always be creative. Creativity is one of the most crucial things in every person. It's in its peak when we were kids, then it sort of loses when we become adults because of work priorities, stress and such. We get so busy that we tend to forget how creative we can all be and that we can produce things that others can't.

Addressing creativity comes in many ways - to relieve stress, recreation, job, etc.  Not only artists have the responsibility to make use of their creativity - all of us does. And the more creative you are, the more you'll be happy. (A lot can attest to that). So, here are 5 simple tips that I rounded up.


They say that the best time to meditate is in the morning - the moment you just woke up. It clears your mind and prepares it to be ready for your day. Some of the great benefits of meditating are reduced stress, better decision making and having a more alert mind. For starters, you can simply take 10 minutes to relax and meditate and there are a lot of apps that can help you. I recommend Headspace and Calm app.


When I say write, it doesn't mean one whole paragraph (this is not school homework honey). You can even write 1 sentence or more. It depends on what suits you. Writing your thoughts down and the things you're grateful for drastically programs your mind to be more positive. And a positive mind, fuels creativity. Plus, the best ideas comes unexpectedly so make sure you have a mini notebook to save it.


Ahhh, reading. The beauty of reading. Well I think this tip is self-explanatory. Reading opens your mind to more ideas you never thought of. It gives you views on different perspectives about life. Make one of your leisure times your reading time. It can be from a simple article to a great book. You don't have to commit 30 minutes or 1 hour instantly - I'm telling you, the book will be ignored. Start it slowly. You can start reading for 5 minutes everyday. Later on, you'll be surprised that you've already finished the book!


Seriously. I think one of the best decisions I made in life is when I became friends with my mentors. They are some of the most passionate and creative people I know. The more you hang out with sensible people, the more you learn and the more you become creative. Conversations can be brainstorming, debates, arguments, etc. It's a great ride and you never get to waste your time. I'm not saying that you have to ditch your friends. Just make time for non-toxic people who can help you become a better and more creative person.


Do something you're scared of doing - the outcome is overwhelming and priceless. The best point in your life is when you've decided to come out of your comfort zone. You won't be able to acquire a new skill unless you try. Be fearless and soon, you'll be proud of yourself.

That's a wrap. I hope you learned something from this post and don't forget to share what you think! Have a great and creative day! 

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