How To Determine if He is Serious

Monday, January 25, 2016

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Last week on my AskFM, I received a question about how will you know if a guy is serious in your relationship. I unconsciously answered the question in a very long manner which made me decide to make a blogpost for it to add more specific details. Before you start reading I would like you to read my disclaimer: This post is based on personal opinion. No harm intended and I'm very willing to hear your comments. Let's start! 

When the courtship is serious - When I say "courtship" it's not just the traditional sending of flowers and swooning stuff. First dates and getting to know stage is part of courtship. A guy who is serious about you will give you the chance to get to know him and will get all the chance to know you - without taking advantage.

He'll give you time - If a guy can wait, he believes you're worth it. It's true. BUT PLEASE DON'T LET HIM f****ng wait if you're really not interested. You're wasting your time and you're wasting his effort. Just tell him you're not into him or that you don't see each other as a couple (or just friendzone him? jk). Seriously, be sensitive with what the guy will feel.

When he gives effort - Flowers? Chocolates? Teddy Bears? = EFFORT? = NO! Those things can be done by anyone. Don't fall into material stuff. Real effort involves actions. The most important things that a guy can give you would be his TIME and UNDERSTANDING. The material things doesn't matter. Simple gestures like helping you with your homework, or comforting you when you're down, and when he listens are what you need to recognize. (but KUDOS to him if he showers you with chocolates on your period HAHA.)

When he doesn't rush you to do it.. - This is somehow related to the second factor. But what I'm talking about is the intimacy in a relationship. If you're not ready yet to do "it". He'll understand. But if the fire is burning and things are getting hotter and hotter - well it's up to you girl. Just make sure you won't regret it in the end. A guy that sincerely loves you doesn't ran after your sex  - that's just a bonus, not a major factor why he fell for you.

When he supports you with your passion - Your dreams may sound unrealistic and delusional - but if you believe in it, he should too. A person that will constantly motivate you in doing what you love is someone you should spend the rest of your life with.

When he respects your family and friends - Your family and BFF's came first in your life before him. And he's cool with that. If you want to spend time with your girlfriend's, he'll let you. If he respects your mom and dad, then he's totally a champion.

When he lets you be *YOU - He doesn't give a damn if you'll wear makeup or not, he doesn't care if you take time making your eyebrows be on fleek. He actually loves watching you dress up. When he doesn't care how many pizza you'll eat, he'll even order more. You see, a person that truly loves you will never change you *unless if it's for the better. If you have a trashy attitude and he honestly told you that what you're doing isn't nice - he's a keeper. Someone who cares about you wants nothing else but to make you better. A bad boyfriend will tolerate your shitty attitude because he's a douche too.

When he sees his future with you - If a guy is already imagining his future with you and works hard for it, don't let him go. You're already permanent for him.

When distance doesn't matter for him - Long distance relationships may sound unrealistic. But distance doesn't matter. If you don't believe in it, then you shouldn't believe in LOVE at all.

There are really a lot of things that can prove if a guy is serious about you and your relationship. I didn't include - "When he always texts you" or "When he posts on your wall sweet messages" - those are shallow stuff. Anyone can be sweet on texts or anyone can be sweet on social media. Always know a person deeper. Because it's better.

How about you? Comment below!

(NOTE: Grammatical errors will be gladly accepted - I'm not an english expert guys)

Thanks for reading!

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