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(ALERT: In case you haven't watch the movie, you may be spoiled with this content)

Howdy mates! I decided to make a Movie Critic post instead of posting another personal rant. Still, my post for today is a combination of my opinion and the inevitable impression of other people.

I was young when I loved anime and when I grew up, I lost interest until one of my instructor introduced Shingeki No Kyujin (Attack on Titan) - the first episode was shown to us and suddenly, it caught me off guard. The first episode already made me cry. Then there goes the never ending addiction of watching the whole Season 1 (Season 2 would still come out).
Me and my boyfriend got so hooked that we were able to finish watching the 1st season for only 2 weeks! By the time we found out that the movie is coming we were thrilled. BUT when we watched it. We weren't warned. Sorry for this but I think that..
Shingeki No Kyoujin was a well-written anime with a poorly created live-action movie.

Before we talk about the CONS, let's appreciate the effort first by the film makers.

The movie setting was great
- City surrounded by huge walls are realistic. Scene of people panicking when the Titans attack was great.

- Mikasa is undeniably beautiful. Armin looked smart just like the one in the anime,
- Eren as the Titan looked awesome.


The story line, the effects using the 3D maneuver gear and the add-ons.

Eren's story
- The reason of Eren's anger against the Titans is because his mother was eaten in front of him and wasn't able to do anything. Not because he left his "girlfriend" with a baby outside the church. I don't get it.

Mikasa's character/story
 - In the anime, Mikasa was a unlike any other girl. She was strong, she was "cold" but she cared for Eren. She was a product of a bad childhood - her parents were killed in front of her. But, she also killed the people who killed her parents! (with the help of Eren)
Mikasa's mother
- In the movie, Mikasa was this beautiful, naive woman. My reaction was like - WTF??! Mikasa wasn't like that! And then her "strong" personality was shown only when she and Eren crossed paths. Also, nobody "trained" or "taught" her to be good in fighting Titans, it was her nature! Ugh. She wasn't dependent in any guy there, she was even stronger than Eren!
As you can see, when they graduated in their Military Academy - Mikasa was Top of class.

Jean's Character
- Jean grew up with his mom and he was a stubborn kid, there was no father in his story and he somehow had "love at first sight with Mikasa". But what was shown to the movie is his father "wanting revenge". WHAT? Also, it was portrayed in the movie that he can't fight titans but in the anime he was scared at first but he was able to fight bravely.
Jean when he was young and his mother

Hiana the Single mom, Lil and Fukushi the Couple, Sannadi the "Hammer Guy"
- Hiana - this character in the live action obviously showed affection to Eren but in the anime SHE DOESN'T EXIST.
Sorry but we don't know you
There was no "sex scene" in the movie. There wasn't even any couple there.
So all this time, seeing these people in the movie made me wonder - WHO THE HELL ARE THEY? Hammers are too hard to bring, it can't be simply used to hurt a titan. Besides, since the Titan's skin - regenerate then that hammer's damage won't help at all.

*Also, the only weapon they use are the 3D maneuver gears, the guns that they have produces colored powders for signals or messages to be delivered.
*WHERE ARE THE HORSES? They use horses!

Shikishima - Levi? 
- I assume that the character of Shikishima as the strongest guy would be Corporal "Levi" in the anime. BUT - it doesn't match at all with the original story. First of all, Levi was obviously an OCD - he hates seeing remains of blood on his weapon, he hates dust on his room, he likes to clean. I don't see any of those quality in the character of the movie. Levi is also a product of a bad past - his friends from underground (his hometown) were eaten by Titans during a mission - he only saw the head and the half body of his friends that he considered as family. (P.S. that was the only time when he went berserk and didn't mind the blood on him from killing the titan who ate his friends)
Levi's friend
AND HE NEVER TAUGHT MIKASA ANYTHING, HE WASN'T HER LOVE AFFAIR. Seriously people. Why?! The movie instantly destroyed the "mysterious" aura of Levi and replaced it with an egoistic and talkative man. Shame.
Levi the Cleaner
The last scene of the movie is the highlight - showing Eren as the Titan. It served as a glimpse to the next installment of the live action movie - Attack on Titan (End of the World). 
Overall, characters acted well but they were giving a different story. They fail to show how great the anime was. The emotions weren't there unlike the tears shed on the anime. There were unimportant love affairs that shouldn't exist at all.
Well, since even the effects of the movie doesn't impress me that much well I'll be thinking twice if I should watch the part 2.

At last, I was able to let go of my raging emotions against this movie. Sorry for the offending comments. 

If you would like to say something, feel free to comment below!

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  1. I haven't seen this movie though... This is a very helpful review!

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    1. OMG! This post spoiled everything! hehe I suggest you watch the anime instead of the movie. Definitely worth it! :)