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Elana and Kim (left to right)
There are a lot of talented people in this world. I'm lucky that I  met few of them - those are Kim and Elana. They're the ladies of Take 2.
Well, you think that they're just typical tall (super tall) and good looking foreigners with Filipino blood. Truth is, these ladies have voices that can sweep you off your feet!
I actually know Elana (though we're not really close) via AskFM and Facebook. I never thought that she's a good singer despite the fact that she's an intelligent person. On the other hand, I know Kim because she's Ms. Earth Philippines Water 2014. Yeah, these ladies are like the whole package - beauty, brains, talent (oh boy, there goes my self esteem issues) Alright, enough with the sugar coated words.. it's time you guys get to know a little bit about these double dose of talent!

(I sent them some interview questions for this post and I'm glad with their responses - I bet they really had a lot of fun answering them!)


So give us a little background about yourselves (birthplace, interests, etc.)
Elana: Filipino – Australian, born in Sydney, NSW pero Cebuanang dako! :) I’m 19. I love singing, writing, public speaking, listening to people’s life stories, and teaching kids... and I can never get enough of scarves, scented candles, tea, and my kitten! INTJ Personality :)
Kim: Filipino – American born and raised in the Philippines. I’m 20 years old. A sophomore of the college of Mass Communication, Silliman University. I’m into different sports – swimming, basketball, Taekwondo. A performer, model and host. A people person; extrovert.
How did you guys meet?
Elana: Kim approached me at school and asked for my autograph because she said I was her #goals.


No but for real. We became friends on Facebook :) I was the one to PM her, but in real life she was the one to make the first move, being the people-person that she is. We just clicked, you know.
Kim: We went to the same University and people kept talking about how similar we are in height (being the tallest ladies on campus) Then eventually Elana messaged me on Facebook after I posted about my mother. We met in person at a park.. where I just approached her and hit her ever so gently with a plastic bottle on her back then the rest is history.
"We support and discipline each other. Getting started was the hardest part, but God let everything fall into place :)"

How did Take 2 start?
Elana: We once sang together a couple years back. But after hanging out so much, and sharing the same passion for singing and hosting, we thought it might be worth a shot to market ourselves as this sort of ‘buy-one-take-one’ thing. I remember we thought of the name ‘Take2’ on our drive home from making one of our song covers.
Kim: We first performed together for a game at a dinner meeting we had in Bohol. The people at the dinner suggested that we should start a duo. I enjoyed singing with her that night and eventually plans started then about 2 years later Take2 was born.

How was it for starters?
Elana: It’s much easier working with someone you’re truly comfortable and open with. We support and discipline each other. Getting started was the hardest part, but God let everything fall into place :)
Kim: I never expected to get this far at such an early stage. We now have frequent bookings in Manila, Cebu and hopefully looking forward to our International events.

"It isn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We’ve had to make changes here and there, but we love what we’re doing and we wouldn’t have it any other way :)"

What is the feeling when you both start performing?

Elana: We constantly try to improve, considering the fact that we’ve had quite different experiences musically. But hosting comes naturally for both of us. Either way, there’s always that joy and excitement.
Kim: We both had to adjust to each others performing style. It isn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We’ve had to make changes here and there, but we love what we’re doing and we wouldn’t have it any other way :)
What are your expectations for your career?

Elana: To make it big! We aimed high from the very beginning and so far that mentality has done us well.
Kim: I have high hopes that we’d go far. We both have the desire and passion for Take2 and I think that would be the main foundation of our journey.
Do you focus on other things aside from singing?

Elana: Take2 is a duo where we not only sing but also host. We also model and might even get into acting. Who knows! But..
Kim: We’re still in school at the moment, trying to balance our career and school. Once we get more bookings we might focus on Take2 for a while to be able to save enough for school. :)

What would be your tip for those who would like to start a singing career?

Elana: See and accept everything as constructive criticism. Be humble. Appreciate the world around you and find inspiration in places where people don’t usually look. Practice constantly and always believe that you have something special to offer :)

Kim: As long as you love what you do, you will make it. We have just started but we both enjoy singing together and that’s really important. Enjoy the path you’ve chosen. :) ***

Check out more of Take 2 by following their instagram official account - @Take2.Official

Thank you everyone for reading this post and don't forget to comment if you would like to say anything to these beautiful ladies!

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  1. They sounds cool.
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    1. Thank you pretty! They even look intimidating in person but they are really nice and humble! :)

  2. Wow this is s o cool.

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