Thursday, August 06, 2015

This blog was created since I was 14. (I think? haha) and I must say that it was quite a long journey for my blog hobby. At first I started with a blog name "Starslovesyou" (which is obviously wrong grammar) then I switched to Playwithyourcloset on Tumblr then to Esthermaris.tumblr.com then to ThatGirlEsther.blogspot.com until I stopped for almost 2 years. So please forgive me if you would see some childish or lame content on my old posts. haha! Bear with me, I was so young back then. But now I decided to take things seriously. THIS WOULD BE MY FINAL BLOG BRAND. Promise. :)

Deviant Art by Spidey_0318

In case you're wondering I chose Whatever Esther because my blog will mostly contain any topic that you could think of. So "whatever" definitely applies and it rhymes with my first name! I actually lost a lot of readers and followers when I stopped blogging. So now, I will make sure that I won't disappoint my new readers this time.

Now, what topic would you recommend for my future posts? :D

Feel free to comment lovelies!

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