Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Love is one of the most complex words to define. It can be a noun for others or it can be defined as a verb. Before technology took over the world, life was simple and so is love. Why simple? It was less complicated. There were less teenagers who got pregnant, there were less suicide cases for heartbreak and simple gestures of love was shown and not through text.

It’s saddening to see that today’s generation love was viewed differently. They never knew that there is a vast difference between infatuation and pure love. Teenagers were used to play outside, run on the streets and enjoy the rain? Today, they are stuck in front of their laptops or ipads. Smiling while stalking their “crush”.

Courtship before was something serious. Now, a simple text of “I love you” or “Luv u” was already a confession of sincere feelings. Match it with a heart emoticon. Before it will took weeks even months before the simple “yes” will be heard. Now? A simple reply of a smiley with a kiss emoticon is a sign of yes. That's it.

Parents were also part of the relationship. But in the present, parents are hardly aware that their 14 year old daughter is already dating somebody.
The internet is wonderful, it connects people easily but it also builds a wall that prohibits people to interact face to face. Which is why some teens aren’t even aware what their boyfriend or girlfriend really is beneath that face. They just simply rely on that profile picture with many likes.

Intimacy before was giving warm hugs, soft kisses and holding hands. It was also done by a more mature age of couples. Who would have thought that today teenagers sneak at night and do something more intimate?

Love was more sincere before. If they love somebody they say it personally with a shy or blushing face. Roses given were real and not emoticons. Guys would formally asked for the hand of their daughters for a date and the parents gladly say yes. Looks weren’t a major factor. It was the personality that made someone fall in love despite of their appearance. Sex was something done with a responsible mind, not because of curiosity or for the sake of making a relationship last.

Couple goals before were reaching dreams or starting a family when it stable. Now? Couple goals are pictures half naked in the sand or pictures of holding hands while traveling paid by their parents.

Depressing how some teens of today’s generation interpret love in the most immature sense. Love should be about having genuine feelings and not just plain flirting. Love is not about displaying your other half like a trophy. Love is not about rushing into things, it should be about making responsible decisions together. Love should be about thinking if you could have a great future together and not end up in a broken family. Love is about letting each other grow into a better person. Love is not about running after your partner, it’s about meeting halfway. Love is about having mutual respect for each other, not hurting, shouting, swearing or using each other.

What’s happening today is inevitable because change always happens, what matter is that in the end, love is not only done with a partner. It should start with loving your family, your dreams and of course, yourself. Most of all, love is not interpreted by using examples on the internet as basis.

I am not generalizing that all teenagers nowadays are like these. This is just based on what I have observed. I'm not trying to be an old fashion grump, but don't you miss those days when youngsters do nothing but their hobby, play and not just stare on a touchscreen?

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  1. Omigosh I agree with everything you said here. It's so sad how this generation is distorting the definition of love. Sometimes I wish I was born in a different era, where romance and courtship are treated seriously. Btw, I like your writing style! :)

    1. I know, I'm blessed that my present boyfriend treated our courtship very seriously. :)

  2. Oops I think I pasted the wrong link to my blog haha, I'm sorry XD

    ♥ Nana's Notebook *

  3. "Love should be about thinking if you could have a great future together and not end up in a broken family." ~ ito yung tumagos sa'kin, ate Esther! That's why I've learned to take romantic relationships seriously kasi I don't want to make the same mistakes my parents did (sorry, mum!) and it's inevitable naman na the children are affected din sa break up ng parents.
    And lastly, I'd like to say na, kaya ang BIBITTER ng mga kabataan ngayon is because mali ang pananaw nila sa pag-ibig. Bow.
    ~ Jara C.