How To Make an Invoice for Freelancers

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Hello there! For my first post this year, HAHA. I'll be talking about how you can start making your own invoice as a freelancer (you know that already).
First of all as a freelance writer, I also had a hard time making my very first invoice. I was like, "What is that? How can I start?" Before creating your very first invoice, make sure first that you already have the following information:

  • METHOD OF PAYMENT: Will you be paid via Paypal? or Will it be by a different remittance company or payment system?
  • BY HOW WILL YOU BE PAID?: Usually for writers they are paid by hours, others are being paid by the word count. So make sure your employer knows how he/she will pay you.
  • INFORMATION: Make sure you have your boss' full info: Name. Email, Address, No#. (this depends, if your employer just chose to provide the name or email then it's fine.
Alright, now that you have the 3 important things for your invoice, let's start. Here is a sample invoice created by yours truly. In fact, this is what I actually use.

Screenshot from MS Word forgive the quality please.

So how did I come up with this design? Let me start telling it to you by simple details.

I started by creating a simple table. I divided it into two sections - The first would be the logo. If you want to make your logo, make sure it's formal and not too childish to look at. But if you prefer to not have a logo, then in your name in a large font would be fine. The second part would be your personal info. your name, email, address or website.

I removed the border of the table to make it look presentable.

For the second part, it's the invoice's information. Make sure you will track the invoice number, along with the dates. I created once again a simple 1 row table and this time I shaded it for emphasis purposes.

Now, here is the most important part. The values. This is what my pattern looks like. I created 4 columns that includes - the identification number of my work, the title itself along with the price, 
the labor, and the amount generated.

Now as you can see on the left side, it's blank - so you can put other terms and conditions that you and your employer had decided - it can also include the address of your Paypal or payment system.
On the right side is the total amount due. 

Before submitting the invoice, I convert it into PDF format. I use FoxitPDF converter since it's already an embedded feature in my word processor. This type of format is easier for your employer to view or access.

Alright! There you go! Always remember that in creating an invoice, it should be formal and most of all honest. :) Hope this post helps and good luck with you freelance career!

Peace out!
xoxo - esthermaris

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  1. This is actually very helpful! Thank you!