Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Just like any other normal kid, I grew up watching Television. I was a Disney kid, a Cartoon Network fan, and an avid Anime watcher with my older sister. Back then, I didn't know what inculcated in my mind while watching TV. The good thing is that my parents noticed how my English language developed every time I mimic the lines of Mickey mouse or the Powerpuff girls.

In my puberty stage, I started watching music videos on MTV. Danced with Britney Spears' "Hit me Baby one more time" or sung with Eminem and Christina Aguilera. I didn't know what explicit content meant in a teen's young mind. I didn't know what effect would it be to see girls dancing dirty in music. When I reached high school, I loved the rock songs, I was on my "EMO" stage. Heavy metal was my fave and I wore black pieces with matching thick eyeliner. I wasn't aware that wounding myself with a blade can be serious matter.

Due to certain circumstances, I was left living alone. Like, literally alone. Away from my family and hometown. I have to get a job, support myself, and live in a place that is not like my home. My only bestfriend was my bed. There was no television. In the first stages of living independently, I missed watching TV.

For 3 years, I wasn't aware of the TV shows that is trending. I was left out with some topics of my classmates about a certain celebrity. I can't catch up. I wasn't super out of place, I had general information because of the internet. Thanks to the trending hastags on Twitter. But what I noticed is that, the more I became ignorant of what people talk about, the more I gained knowledge of what I deserve to know.

I started to love reading - all types of books. Novels, magazines, documentaries and newspaper. I learned things that I should have mastered in high school. Stuff that people hate to talk about - philosophy, theories, history, etc. I started to love them. I also improved paying attention to my surroundings and to myself. It opened me to another door that helped me grow as a person. I met new friends. Friends that I enjoy talking with - because we tackle sensible topics. Definitely, almost everything worth knowing is outside that box.

I became more organized, I had time to clean my room and "waste" my time being productive.
Not watching TV let me discover new things - a sport, a hobby, a lifestyle that is better. No more couch potato - I had time to workout and still enjoy good and guilty food.

I don't have that need to follow a certain bandwagon because it's trending, I learned how to live my life the way I want it. My wardrobe was based on my comfort, not based on TV shows or celebrities, I wear what I want. My music choice was not from the hits, it's what made me jam - in any genre.

I am not ashamed of the changes in myself. Because I know the influence that I gained now is more wonderful than what I have when I still have TV.

(P.S. - this post is fully opinionated and based on the views of Esther, if you have any contradictions or reactions, don't hesitate to comment below. Thanks ^^)

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  1. By next time you post, imo ng self ang naa sa picture. Hahaa! You don't need to grab some photos na over the net. Hahaa!

    Elisha |

    1. Yes mom! We would schedule a shoot then. hehehe

  2. I hope I'd be able to give up TV as well haha! But yes I agree, watching TV takes so much of our time which can be spent on more productive things and yet we don't even realize it!

    The North Kid by Pam de Guzman

    1. I know! I think watching TV is fine as long as it won't eat up like your whole time! (PS. I love watching Pangako Sayo though.) HAHAHAH thanks for commenting pretty Pam! :)

  3. Really interesting read, I agree that what we see on TV effects us a lot without us even realising! For me though I have to admit I love TV, maybe it's the types of shows that I watch, but usually whenever I know a fact or a new piece of information, someone asks me where I learnt it and my answer is usually always "Tv!"

    1. True! :D Just choose the TV show you'll watch