Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I was the type of girl who never had any interest at sports. I used to play computer games and stay in my room just to read and write stories. Who would have thought that by the time I enter college..I would fell in love with the sport they called as Ultimate Frisbee?

Photo by Deviant Art
Actually, I used to hide myself under the heat of the sun. (I do skin bleaching for my modelling) but since I quit (YES! ^^) I lovingly welcome any sunburn that I can get from several tournaments! No regrets fella..no regrets.

"It's a game for dogs".

-That's what most people say. Before, I get mad at those type of statements, but now, I laugh at them because I think they're ignorant. Some people think that its just a game of throwing and catching but I bet little do they know that you have to stay in your place when you receive a disc (I used to run before haha).

This is the sport that taught me the word discipline and motivation. Who said that it was easy for me to learn a basic backhand and forehand? It was frustrating but you have to push! Its a competition within your inner self. 
You have to learn every type of defense (capping, man to man) and of course how to cut (I still fail to master this one damn!) Not only that, but also Ultimate Frisbee teaches you the true Spirit of the Game - its about being honest since no referee will mediate and of course how to be calm when things get "hot" (nothing physical here dude!)
But even though sometimes you feel bad because you get a lot of mistakes (to that point that no team mate will pass the disc to you) and you start to get mad to the opponent team because they call your huck as "travel!" ..nothing feels more good than playing the game itself - either you win or lose. 
At the end of the day, all of us would still drink and party together haha!
This is my first and last sport :) 
I am not saying that its the best among all sports but I believe that it definitely needs recognition here in our country especially in Universities. If most would indulge with Ultimate, most can ultimately see the chance of excelling. You would see that you would be capable of the things you never thought of doing. Yes, that's the wonderful epiphany of Ultimate.

And of course, Filipinos are already good in partying, so what are we waiting for? :) 

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