No Feminist, Just No shame Campaign

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

-Audre Lorde
A fellow blogger of mine, sent me a message - a screenshot of an IG account. Its the No Shame Campaign PH account and its about stories of women with unlikely experiences from sexual harassment or abuse. Abi, my fellow blogger said that maybe I can share my story. At first I was hesitant because I think it would be too much exposure on my story, but I realized that my reason is ironic. I shouldn't be ashamed because it can serve as an inspiration. Then, I didn't expect that I would be featured immediately.

This is the IG Account: @noshamecampaignph
(can you find me? hehe)

We've been hearing people saying that women get raped or harassed because they provoke the men to do it. Seriously? Is that the kind of ideology that we should let our society think? Somehow there are women who "objectified" themselves by their way of clothing but not ALL! There are cases where women get harassed just by wearing simple jeans and shirt.. now what could be a valid reason for some "provoked men"? None. Should women be always condemned in wearing clothes that they are comfortable with? I didn't only tackle about my experience from perverts but I also specified the bigots who based a woman's respect with their virginity. I believe that women either virgin or non virgin deserved respect as long as they show that they are worth it.

To my fellow females..don't be ashamed to share your story that could open the minds of others. 

Join the #NoShameCampaign.

Peace out!
-x0x0 itsesthermaris!

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