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Monday, March 17, 2014

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them."
Henri Matisse

Actually it was hard to start this post. First is because its been awhile since I posted an outfit post and because I feel shy expressing what I felt. (Yes, believe me! Sometimes I know how to feel shy) 
The quote up there* kept me stronger, why? For the reason that I feel depressed, empty, lonely. Trust me, its not because of love. Its because of .. I don't know too! (nyahaha) Come'on! There will be times when you feel lonely and you cant find the main reason. Right? It could be because I miss family, I miss my friends in the studio (we used to be so closed) or maybe I'm on the stage of soul-searching (for the freakin NTH time!) 
So what I did is to always look on the bright side. Yes, there will always be something good that you can find in a bad situation. I know it doesn't sound ideal but being optimistic keeps a depress heart from feeling down. There are always wonderful things for those who look forward to see and feel them! 
Okay, enough with the drama! :) First of all I would like to thank my "mother" Eliza Beth (her blog) for forcing me to wear this dress (I actually have something else to wear but she forced me to wear this one because I rarely look like a girl HAHA) This shoot can be considered unconventional because its only me and mom who goes for a blogshoot but this time.. we are four! YES! With our fellow bloggahs! 
(L-R) Me, Pauline, Lyle and my pretty mother! 
Yes, I'm on barefoot! :D
FREAKIN' candid moments
(credits to my best bud Drew for taking our pics)
BUT WAIT! I am the photographer for the THREE of THEM! WAHAHA (yes! LOUD AND PROUD) check out their blogsites to see my shots! (links will be posted below) it was tiring because you have to be a photographer and a model at the same time. Though I cant deny the fact that its nice hanging out with these guys. 
LOCALS! (with mother Eliza Beth - sitting mode)
Say Hello to my blog SISTER Lyle! He's leaving for an exchange student program! We'll miss you Lyle! :*
So there you go! No matter how sad you feel, always think that you can stand up, get over it and bloom like a beautiful flower!

Dress + Flower Crown = Eliza Beth
Photograph = Andrews Manogura

BLOGS (click)

That'll be all. Peace out!
x0x0 -esthermaris!

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  1. i saw love this post! supah! ahhaa! nabayi na jud ka. LOL