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Friday, October 18, 2013

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight"

Thank God its Friiiiiddddaayyy!! :)
And now its about time I share to you something new... (drumbeats) 

The SMILE Album of Paul Benzi Sebastian Florendo. 
THE ARTIST - Benzai!
"Benzai" (that is what I call him hehe) is one of the people that I met while being here at Greyhound Studio. He is a Videographer/Photographer at the Creative Department of Foundation University, he also teaches in the Fine Arts Course. The purpose of this SMILE project is to add color and creativity to the smile pictures of people.

I asked him if what was his concept -

"Everyone smiles, even the saddest person. All I wanted to do was make Facebook more colorful and artsy. Knowing how social network spreads information really fast I took advantage of it. This is one way to spread this kind of art, the art part of this is mostly the concept.
SMILES can tell a lot about a person, at the same time hide many things as well, so far thats all. ehehe.
Part of this is sort of my personal social see how people react to this thing like dghan maulaw (many become shy).. or they think FC (feeling close) if they ask me or like after others got theirs wala man lang gi profile pic (they didn't even make it a profile picture), some are so appreciative, other just dont care after.
Although it's kinda kapoy (tiring) balancing this plus my regular job, plus other work stuff. But all I want is to bless others as i am already blessed so much.. even through a simple smile art"

Here's mine! WAHAHAH
THE HORNY SMILE hahaha kidding!
What you will do is just to provide your own smile pic and Benzai will do the rest of the magic! :) And oh, don't forget to tell him your favorite color - its the background! :)

Its not only me who had the chance to be one of the SMILEs! Them too...

So if you want to have a SMILE then go to Paul Benzi's facebook just send him a PM. :) PLEASE DONT BE SHY! HE'LL BE HONORED TO MAKE SOME SMILES FOR YOU

              SMILE ALBUM 

-thanks for dropping by! And don't forget to smile! Peace out!
XOXO -esthermaris! 

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