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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey there lovies! I received mails from some of my readers ranting about me not updating my posts - well sorry about that things got busy since I am applying for an additional job and I was waiting for the response of my blog feature today! So please, let there be patience! :D
And I just want to say that I am so happy because I am able to make this post! Ladies and gentlemen (drumbeats) my blog feature for today is one of the women who inspired me the most, Glenna Christina Duch. Of course, my first feature is my pretty "mom" click HERE to read.
Glenna? Uhm, she's not my friend, & she doesn't know me (maybe she does now since we exchanged emails) but all the time I've been checking her tweets (stalker mode) because I find her inspiring and I am so amazed with her achievements! So guys, its time we get to know.. Glenna. :)

Being a former Ms. Silliman and runner-up for Ms. Earth Philippines, it is no doubt that she is a woman of beauty and brain.

Glenna Christina Duch
(credits to the photographers)
I actually asked her some questions and whoa how shocked I am with her response! Its so many! Me so happy! Well, here are some facts about her:
  • She's Filipina-Danish - "I may not look Pinay at all, but I definitely have the heart of one! Born and raised in the Philippines! =)"
  • She loves dressing up. (later we will know more about her fashion sense)
  • "I play the piano and the violin, been doing so since I was a kid and I am a frustrated ballerina."
  • She loves dogs, she has a fascination for butterflies, fairies, mermaids and she hates GUM!
  • Most people think of me as really confident and snobbish, but once you'll get to know me, you'll begin to realize that I could be really friendly, but also super shy and reserved. I don't open up much to a lot of people.
  • "I love books and studying. I could really consider myself as a nerd." - no doubt.
Q: What do you do in a typical day?
- "Right now, since I am currently finishing my bachelor's degree in management, a typical day for me would consist mostly of being in school and accomplishing tasks that are required of me to do. It usually depends on what day of the week it is. Sometimes I do spend time with friends, especially during my duty hours, or try to spend time with my boyfriend too, eating out, movies. I usually go home at night and try to spend a little time to study or to go online, but oftentimes I find myself too tired, so I just sleep. :D"
Glenna and her boyfriend. (happy couple)
... "Sometimes, there are days when I also get occupied with a little modelling on the side or hosting gigs and pageant judging."

When I asked Glenna if who/what inspires her, she answered her mom - ".. She's has so much strength in her and she's very strong-willed, and is so generous with a pure heart. I always salute the way she is able to keep my family together, and someday, when I become a mother as well, I hope to be just like her. Also, she's always been so so so so supportive of my sister and I - everything that we do. Her generosity also touches my heart as I always see her helping others, even when sometimes, she herself needs help too. That's the kind of woman I'd like to become."
Duch Family (L-R -Mrs. Duch, Glenna, Lissa & Mr. Duch)
Another thing that inspires her are her goals in life, just like most of us Glenna has so many dreams! And she's there to reach it! "..There's just so much I want to do in my life! I know I can't be able to accomplish them all, but I'd at least like to live my life to the full! I don't want to be 85 years old and in my slow years telling myself "what if I did this, what if I did that." I want to be a business woman! I want to be a lawyer! I want to be a flight attendant! I want to be a pilot! I want to be a model and a host! I want to be a beauty queen! I want to be inspirational to others and use my life and myself as an instrument to change even just one life. I will always be one with big big big dreams."

Q: Advice to everyone when it comes to "uplifting and loving yourself"
- "I found myself having a hard time answering this! Hahaha! I dunno, I think loving yourself would mean that you know your worth, so you'll know how to allow others to treat you. Because you love yourself, you set standards of your own in order for you to be the best version of yourself that you could also be. I feel like uplifting yourself would automatically come after loving yourself, because you know how never to allow anyone to step on you or to tell yourself that you aren't worth it. I could probably say that we all should just know and believe in our hearts and in our minds that we are great individuals and that no one ever has the license to tell any of us "you cant" "you wont" "youre not this, youre not that" "youre only good for this". 
Then its time to know Glenna's fashion sense! 
"I would probably say that my fashion sense is more preppy chic, classic with clean cuts. I barely go daring or wild with prints or cuts or designs, as I know it wouldn't suit my personality...As for brands.. I like Forever21, H&M, Primadonna, Mags for casual clothes, while for more formal ones, I like Mango, Forever21 and Esprit; shoes I go for Janylin, Aldo, Parisian, Primadonna and Syrup from People are People; accessories, it varies - mostly Mags, Accessorize, Forever21 or SM Dept. Store. :)"

There you go lovies! I've been dreaming to make this blog so that I can share to you one of the people who impacted my well-being. To get to know Glenna follow her on twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to Ms. Glenna for making this possible and also thank you guys for dropping by! Stay tune for more blog features and watch out for my blog giveaway soon!
Peace out!
XOXO -esthermaris!

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