Row her waaayyy..

Friday, June 14, 2013

Its Frrrrrrriiiidaaaay Flyyyyydaaaaaay yeah! It's my favorite time to chill! So obviously, my outfit post for today is one of my "chill mode" get up.
And guess what? Its a thrift shop outfit again! haha forgive me guys, I am such a lover of affordable items. hehehe :3
I love how the sunnies compliment the whole look! Thanks to my ever supportive mother/sponsor Elisha!
check out her fashion blog too! :)
I am really not concern with what I wear as long as I feel very comfortable! I usually wear this get up especially when I'm lazy hahah.
not candid
I love this shot! My main purpose was just to be under this "baby coconut like watever this name is" tree! And woah it shaped like a heart! :D
I love wearing white shirt especially when its loose or asymmetric. And this one is my favorite because its from the Thrift shop for 20 pesos! WAHAHAH and actually, me and my make up artist just cut the sleeves because t shirts are so mainstream haha. 
Now this is what you call major chillin! hahha

Credits to: Denniz Futalan  - Photographer
Elisha beth - shades and shorts (fashionblog)
Nimer Atis - MUA
Location: Sidlakan. Negros Oriental

So whatcha think of this outfit? :D
Chill and thanks for dropping by!
Peace out! 
XOXO -esthermaris!

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  1. Amazing outfit! Nice blog you have!

  2. you are a hottie Mharis, keep up the good looks and physical attributes. I hope we meet some day in a photo shoot

    1. thank you so much! sure! I would love to work with you for a photoshoo! :)