What happy looks like.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Life is like a whirlwind. So many things could happen, some of them are the ones you never thought could happen! And that is one of the things that makes life beautiful. The beginnings, the surprises, sad endings and new stronger beginnings again. In my 19 years of existence, I never thought that I would be a type of person that would take life for granted, yes. But that was before. I never learned how to appreciate life that much until I experienced something that hurt and broke my heart, my soul, my mind. Damn. Everything. Maybe that is how most humans learn a lesson, when they get hurt. So after being able to stand up. (Yes, I've moved on) I learned that Life is all about being happy. Despite, the sadness and pain that will try to overcome you. Still life's definition is happiness and happiness depends on you. 

Anyway, you might be asking why the hell am I saying this? It is because I never thought that I would be this happy again. In fact, the name of this new blog should be happygirldiaries but some one already got that name eheh. So anyway, now most people in my life noticed that I have this happy aura now. So is this what happy looks like for you? :3
 Please forgive my vanity, this is actually what I do before going to work.
But most people told me, even the photographers that I've worked for a shoot before told me that I don't look good when I smile with my teeth being shown. So here I am struggling with this "thrift smile" hohoho.
But since I'm the type who doesn't give a damn to almost everything. HAHA. here is a BIG SMILE FOR YA! :P
So.. what about you? What does happy look like?

Thank for dropping by, Peace out!
x0x0 -esthermaris! 

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