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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

(OKAY TO MAKE THINGS CLEAR, THIS POST IS INTENDED TO SHARE ONE'S THOUGHTS and OPINIONS so if you don't agree my comment box is open thank you. ^_^)

While surfing on the net in facebook, I opened this famous fan page "Silliman Confessions" - where you can say, confess or say anything you want, I saw this recent post that raised my eyebrows.

Take note: Confessions are posted anonymously so we have no idea who post this.
(god, its so hard to make a blog post when you have officemates that keeps on singing loudly) Anyway, this confession caught my attention - in the first place he/she shouldn't generalize the reaction of society towards this issue. What does this person wants the society to do? - keep on condemning teenagers or women for having illegitimate child? 
He has a point about not spreading the legs of girls to anyone, but my point here is - what's done is done, shit happens we just have to move on, learn from the mistakes and look on the bright side! Is aborting the child is what he/she considers INTELLIGENCE to be recognized here? Take note, moms with kids are congratulated not because they spread their legs, they are congratulated for bearing the baby for 9 months and giving birth to it which is not easy! I believe that they already learned their mistake so why do we have to look down on them just because of a mistake? Lots of teenagers out there abort their kids but are having more miserable lives than the ones who chose to raise theirs. I know what it feels like because my older sister got pregnant, and I saw what she'd been to and it was never easy, she almost hit her tummy because of the rage of my dad with her mistake, but thank God she still chose to raise it and now I have a very cute nephew! And I think if we keep on condemning them, we have a more dirty society - one full of abortionists, narrow-minded and unforgiving people.

Nobody is perfect, they  make mistakes, yes, let them learn mistakes, point it out on them, and after that they'll learn, they will stand up and so should we condemn them again?

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