I faced it - thanks. :')

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I miss her. I miss my mom. Without her, I wouldn't be this awesome. LOL. haha. :3
It was Mother's Day last Sunday and I wasn't able to visit her. My mom passed away 3 years ago. Those times were the hardest for me and my family. We weren't together because she's in Manila with dad and I'm in here in Dumaguete with big sissy. So it was hard, because the time that I was about to see her is when she is unconscious - comatose to be exact. And what's tragic is that its my sister's birthday. But well, shit happens in life so what you have to do is to be strong.
Then I decided to visit her. All alone. Yes. waaa!!!! Alone because my sister is already in Bacolod and my dad is in Manila. You see, I'm living alone here. I work and study. \m/. Well, back to me visiting her alone. Grrrr. I was very nervous, because you see, I'm a scared kid. wahahahaah but what entered my mind is "For once in your life, try to do something that you're scared of doing.." And so.. I DID IT! YESSSS!!! I was able to visit her by myself and clean her place. My mom is buried with my grannies. :) So at least I was able to visit them all like - "Hey pop, granny and mom What's up?" wahahaha. Actually it feels good. Even though mom's not with me anymore - she still thought me lessons in life and that is to be strong! :)

So yeah, this is me. After cleaning. So sweaty! haha and yup I bought her some roses. ^_^
Actually, it feels good to face fear for the one you love. And after cleaning, I decided to post this pic on my facebook with my message for her.

Hi Mommy! Sorry I visited you,lolo and lola a day after Mother's Day, but its 
never too late pa diba? And sorry if the rose is not red, the market ran out of the red ones.  Wow! For the first time I went all by myself! Waa alone! You taught me how to face my fear mommy! mehehe  and yes I am so sweaty because I walked for 30 minutes & I still have to clean your place. grr damn those kids who stole your candles! :| Anyways, I want you to know that I miss and love you so much happy mother's day & I promise to make you very proud mwah!

And wow. I never thought that I could receive a lot of likes from my humble post. #chos.
And big sissy texted me saying.. "I cried with your pic bhe.. I am so proud of you" geeez. :')) thank you sissy! I am so proud of myself too! wahahahaha but seriously. I never thought that people could actually appreciate it. So from the bottom my butt oh I mean heart - thank you so much! And I'm telling you guys.. LOVE YOUR MOMS - THEY ARE ONLY ONE.

And also.. face your fears. Its worth it. :') 

So that's all folks! 
Thanks for dropping by.
Peace out! :) 
XOXO -esthermaris!

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