Wednesday, May 08, 2013

In my recent post, I told you about wasn't being able to blog about my Bayawan escapade but hold on folks!  I have pictures from my friend Irene! Yes! Thanks to her! mehehe now I can blog the best summer weekend escapade that I've had! ^____^
It was 5:30 in the morning that my friends picked me up, yes, we had a motor road trip just to go to Bayawan. And damn it was like a whirlwind because I sat for 3 hours on a motorcycle! goodness! My legs, my hair, my blush on! LOL. haha But thank God because we arrived in the place safe and sound (plus disheveled hair hehe) We attended the Youth federation camp there.
So here are our photos from Day 1 to 2! :D

That's me and my "langga" (lil sister) Janen. We ate with our friends at the Public Market of Bayawan and God bless the soul of the pig. mehehe
So of course, we returned to the campsite and prepared for the church service yep! that's me and my girls. Irene, the girl on the middle is who I should really thank for the photos hehe.
After the service we went out for lunch and had a roadtrip at Bayawan's boulevard! Its boulevard is the longest in the Philippines. So, you might want to stroll around with something to ride unless you want to have a cardio exercise meheheh.
I feel like driving the motor! mehehe
Being crazy with Kuya Jabiz. mehehe
Oh yeah! Before I forget, this is my church outfit! mehehe.
Since it is incredibly hot in Bayawan, we decided to take a bath at Kim's house! Sorry for my friend Jason "Tata" for being crazy mehehe.
Hey! We thought that Kim couldn't come because his mom was sick but look! My langga bear is with us! He was able to come yey! Now the gang is almost complete! heheh
We just had a never ending motor strolling at Bayawan! ^_^
And when we decided to come back in the campsite, we just sat on the field under the stars and sang our heart out! Thanks to Clint's guitar!
Yep. That's me! Letting Clint teach me! :)
Wait! Let us not forget my FIRST LOVE in Bayawan! WAHAHAHA We ate in this restaurant named "Remember me" & I had the guts to have a picture with this cute guy because he is definitely worth remembering! mehehe. I LOVE YOU ;*
Though I wasn't able to have a good sleep, since we just lie down in the floor haha I must say that the over night in Bayawan is worth it. Not just because I met him - the one above haha but because I have the best pals ever! hehe.
 So this is the last craziness of my friends in the morning before we went home.
So this is our last shot, fueling our rides for home.
This is the most documented blog post I have so far haha! I want to thank God for giving me this experience and this people hehe.
So there you go folks! How about you? what is your best weekend escapade?

Thanks for dropping by!
Peace out!
XOXO -esthermaris!

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