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Thursday, May 02, 2013

While scrolling down to my messages, I saw a message from my friend who is asking for an advice on how to move on.

I don't know but, I was stuck staring at her message, well you see, I've been in that experience and mine was more tragic because it was a relationship for almost 2 years excluding the 1 year of friendship so I struggled and one of the effects was drinking, smoking and deactivating my blog lol. but dontcha worry mis amigos, I am oh so fine now! No more drinking, smoking and a whole new blog -so that is why I only have few posts.

 Anyway her message is saying that its been 5 months since they broke up but she is still affected by their memories. I know their break-up story so with "few" yea few hesitations I replied and gave her the advice that I think helped me and maybe would help her.

  • FORGET EVERYTHING - yes, I told her to do that. But she replied that it was too hard so I tried to be specific therefore, I said...
  • LET GO and IGNORE THE THOUGHTS - how? Focus on the things that you're doing. It could be washing the dishes, reading a book, watching tv. etc. Focus on them. That way, you wont be able to think about him.
  • DO THINGS YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF DOING - be a daredevil, live life with no fears - do the zipline, paint, eat something you never thought of eating - Living life to the fullest is one way of uplifting yourself and making you happy. Eating out with friends also relieves depression (proven and tested by studies,\ and by me too!)
  • This may sound stupid but it works. its - THINK OF THE BAD THINGS ABOUT YOUR EX - this is not about being bitter, this is a way to fall out of love with that person. You want to forget? You want to move on? Do that, and you'll realize.. Why the hell did I date that guy?
  • LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS - its a matter of handling your emotions in certain situations. - this one also comes handy especially in case you see your ex - you already know how to cope and not look like a pathetic chic.
  • DONT EVER THINK OF REVENGE - I noticed that some girls do this scheme acts just to get back at their exes and they even include the present girlfriend. - this one is pathetic - planting grudges and anger on others would just add heavy burdens. Just accept the fact that its NOT YOU ANYMORE. Being bitter will never let you move on. Being happy is the best thing you should do.
  • THINK POSITIVE - I am not a believer of destiny, *shrugs. But I quite believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that everything has a good side so think of it as a blessing in disguise! The more optimism, the less depression.
So that's it! I tried my best to make it more brief haha.
In my experience of moving on, it took me about 6 months I think? I believe that those things helped me a lot, though I could have state more things and ways, those are the ones that I think are the main ways that every broken hearted girl should do. Well, I hope that this helps for her. Yes, I have to keep her name for the sake of privacy. 

What about you guys? What's your piece of advice?
Peace out!
x0x0 -esthermaris!

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  1. Wow! Great article! Thanks Esther~!