Heartwarming, Fulfilling

Monday, April 15, 2013

Storyteller that's the common term.
Our church has this program every Saturday afternoon that youth members would have this street ministry at the Boulevard (by the sea) where we will teach kids Christian songs, play bible games, pray and listen to a story.

This is the part when my churchmates started to teach the kids songs and play games.  
I don't know if I should really be happy that I was given a chance to be a storyteller to children. I felt nervous, I felt that maybe I wont be convincing. But I just breath deeply and gave the best shot that I could give just for the little kiddos! 
Of course, I had the chance to have the names of the kids. The "get-to-know each other" portion. 

 But honestly, the moment I started telling my story and hear what the kids has to say, I never thought I it could be that fulfilling, I was touched, I was pleased with what I did, I was glad that I was able to send smiles to those kids. and maybe this was the experience that I can never replace nor forget with anything. It was indeed a pleasure to do it for God and for the kids. (I am not trying to sound like a hypocrite here.) -oh well, that's all folks! :)
 Thanks for dropping by! ^__^
 -x0x0 -esthermaris

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