The mom of mine

Monday, July 05, 2010

Few months from now will be Charris' Villalobos supposed to be 55th birthday--my mom's birthday..*sighs (again) I miss her.. its been uhmm (starting to count with fingers) its been 9 months since she left us in peace. She died because of high blood attack and its was so unexpected like we didnt have any clue that it will happen. But honestly, its like before it happened, I was like seeing signs already,--signs of losing a mother which is I just ignored because its hard for me to accept, even though my sister and I are far away with our parents we still have that tight bond with them which became very strong since we left to study here in our place. We call each other everyday, we chat and we text. My sister and I are very close to our parents especially to our mom, we are very open to her like we tell our secrets and problems, that's why when she was attacked in my sister's birthday! when she died 2 days after which is October 14, 2009 its like my life--our lives went doomed, its was the gloomiest day of my life especially for my dad because he really loves her and until now, months passed. He met new women but he still cant forget my mom I remember the time when I heard him said to a women that liked him that "I will marry again, if "mommy" will be alive again" and I could sensed how the women was disapponted because after that, she never had any contact with my dad again. (laughs) anyways, I dont know what came in my mind that "forced" me to create this blog, I mean--its been months that my mom's "asleep" and I'm not comfortable sharing about it to people yet I'm ok when I talk about it--complicated right? Well, maybe I should just consider this as a late blog for mothers day :D
and a message to everybody, --love your mom, just dont show it, say it! coz you know what? the one thing that I could be proud of before my mother died is that I never failed to say "I LOVE YOU MEH!" everyday! :) Love your moms!

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